Taimak (pronounced Tie-Mock) is a martial arts actor and stuntman, best known as Leroy Green in the 1985 martial arts film The Last Dragon. Taimak’s leading role in Berry Gordy’s The Last Dragon, in which he played Leroy Green, a Bruce Lee- inspired martial artist in search of “The Glow”, was his first major break in acting. The film was a financial success. Since The Last Dragon, Taimak has appeared in a number of TV roles and over a dozen plays.

Taimak later appeared in a number of TV roles and music videos including the lead male in Janet Jackson’s “Let’s Wait Awhile” music video, Debbie Allen’s “Special Look” video. He played a date rapist on an episode of the TV show A Different World. He also appeared in 36 Crazyfists’ music video “Bloodwork”.
Taimak has also worked with a number of celebrities including Madonna and starred in the play Cheaters, which toured the United States. He also starred in a hit Off-Broadway show in 2004 called Roadhouse the Comedy, based on the Patrick Swayze film Road House.

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